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Do we get age spots due to the process of aging? Age spots occur not only because of aging but due to several other factors as well. Too much exposure to the rays of the sun also results in age spots. People who are fair are on the higher side of getting age spots easily once they are exposed to the UV rays from the sun. This is due to the over production of melanin in people with lighter skin when they come into contact with the rays from the sun. Even though age is not the main factor but it sure is one reason for age spots.

Skin pigmentation appears mostly on those areas of the skin which are frequently exposed to sun rays like face, back of the hands, legs and shoulders. But you need not worry due to the horrid situation since there are creams which are good and helps in reducing or even wiping off the awkward age spots.

Creams for age spots which contain natural components have been proven to be effective as they are suitable to any type of skin. These creams do not result in any side effects as well. Creams which contain ingredients such as alpha arubtin and kojic acid, help in reducing the production of melanin causing the pigmentation. When used regularly with a good sun screen these creams reduce or even fade away age spots.

Vitamin E is a also powerful inhibitor and a natural ingredient effective against age spots. So creams containing vitamin E can be used for age spots so that the texture of the skin improves adding a glow and smoothness to the skin. Such creams also help to tighten and firm the skin.

The skins’ connective tissues and capillary walls can be strengthened with the use of a fibrous protein known as collagen. It helps in maintaining the flexibility of the skin. But as one ages the fibrous protein depletes resulting in the contraction of the capillary walls. Consequently the skin loses its flexibility and suppleness. Thus aging begins to appear in the form of wrinkles, fine lines sagging of the skin and dryness. But you can avoid such aging process by using age spot cream with the natural ingredients contained in them so that you do not get skin irritation or inflammation. Thus be very careful when you select an age spot cream. Even though age spot creams with the natural ingredients mentioned above may be a bit costly, they are tested clinically and approved.

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